Results From the 2012 Connecticut Science Fair

Our Toyota/Tapestry Grant investigation “Going Green in Brownfields: A New Diet for Mushrooms” inspired two of our students to enter their own  research projects in the Connecticut Science Fair, held at Quinnipiac University in March 2012. One of our 8th graders, Ann Hewitt made an in-depth study of the gray oyster mushrooms’ ability to metabolize increasing amounts of motor oil. Ann’s project was a middle school finalist in the Audubon Connecticut & Arch Chemicals Environmental Awards, as well as the eesmarts/ CT Energy Efficiency Fund Sustainable Resources & Practices Awards. Seventh grader Jonathan Siveyer’s investigation  ”Peel Power” investigated  dried banana peels’ ability to remove heavy metal pollutants such as copper from water. The project received 1st place for middle school  in the Urban Schools Challenge Awards and 2nd place in the Alexion Biotechnology Awards for 7th grade. Jon was also a finalist in the Pfizer Life Sciences Awards.

Science Competition Update, August 30, 2012: As a result of his awards in the CT State Science fair, Jon was invited to compete in the national Broadcom MASTERS program. Jon was named one of 300 semifinalists out of thousands of entrants.

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  1. Q.Hicks says:

    cool im doing my science project on what chemicals harm mushrooms and if you go on this website ann i look foward to asking questions in the hallway at school.!!!!!!!!!!!!